Citrus Yellow Vein Clearing Virus (CYVCV)

Citrus yellow vein clearing virus (CYVCV) is an emerging disease of citrus that can lead to significant economic losses to the industry by dramatically diminishing fruit marketability.

CYVCV can be spread by vectors as they move from tree to tree feeding on foliage. The vectors include citrus whitefly, green citrus aphid, melon or cotton aphid, and cowpea aphid, which are all known to be present in California. CYVCV can also be spread through grafting and the movement of infected propagative materials and rootstocks, and contaminated tools and equipment. While there is no treatment for CYVCV, as of now, the best mitigation measures are to control the virus’ vectors and sanitize tools and equipment. To the greatest extent possible, growers are encouraged to urge their field crews to clean and sanitize all their equipment thoroughly in between jobs or when moving between groves.