Program Partners

The Citrus Pest & Disease Prevention Program Committee works in concert with numerous industry partners to limit the spread of Huanglongbing (HLB).

Citrus Pest & Disease Prevention Program Committee

Comprised of 17 members from throughout the state, the committee advises the California Secretary of Agriculture, the California Department of Food and Agriculture and the agricultural industry on efforts to combat Huanglongbing.

Mark McBroom, Committee Chairman
Victoria Hornbaker, Director, Citrus Pest and Disease Prevention Division, CDFA

California Citrus Mutual

California Citrus Mutual represents and advocates for California citrus growers on economic, regulatory and political issues that impact the industry.

Casey Creamer, President & CEO

Citrus Research Board

Funded and directed by growers, the Citrus Research Board supports the industry by sponsoring and supporting research that help growers manage pests, combat citrus diseases, explore new varieties and more.

Marcy Martin, President

Citrus Clonal Protection Program (UC Riverside)

Helping to keep California’s citrus plant material free of disease, the Citrus Clonal Protection Program provides a safe way to introduce new citrus varieties into California and also maintains disease-free trees for budwood and rootstock needs.

Georgios Vidalakis, Ph.D., Director

University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources

CPDPP relies on partners at the University of California for research, treatment recommendations and trainings for industry members.

Dr. Neil McRoberts, Director of the Western Plant Diagnostic Network, UC Davis

Citrus Pest & Disease Prevention Program Grower Liaisons

To help facilitate pest management and disease eradication, CPDPP has identified a program manager and key individuals in each region to be a point of contact for industry members.

Grower Liaisons

County Agricultural Commissioners

CPDPP works with county agricultural commissioners throughout the state to enforce regulations, support suppression efforts and track psyllid movement.

United States Department of Agriculture – Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

The United States Department of Agriculture sets federal guidelines for protecting citrus and supports California citrus growers by inspecting host plants, removing infected plants, confiscating illegally moved plants and certifying plants.

CPDPP Outreach Program – Nuffer, Smith, Tucker

Overseeing CPDPP’s outreach and education campaign for homeowners, industry members and elected officials, Nuffer, Smith, Tucker coordinates communications outreach to these three key audiences. Tactics include content creation, media outreach, social media, advertising, public service announcements, elected official education, industry group outreach and education, farm worker trainings, website development and hyperlocal homeowner outreach.

Price Adams, Executive Vice President & Partner